All Good Relationships are Built on – BACON!

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All Good Relationships are Built on – BACON!

We all know that the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach and that all good relationships are built on, yep you guessed it – BACON! Although we at Melbourne Flowers Delivered don’t really have bacon based products, we do however cater for any occasion as well as for our men. Come on ladies lets not forget the men in our lives!

If you missed the Valentines day rush, why not head over to our shop and have a look at our Man Flowers Gift Pack here:


He’ll just be thrilled to come home after a hard days work to find this waiting for him.

We also thought it would be cute idea, and that this could be the perfect opportunity for you to show off your culinary skills to your man this weekend, found a pretty neat recipe for you below:


How To: Make a Bacon Bouquet


Step One:

Firstly, take a strip of bacon and roll it up. Most strips of bacon have one edge that is “meaty” one that is “fatty”. You’ll want the meaty edge to be the top of the flower, so keep the fatty edge aligned at the bottom.

Quick Tip: Keep a pair of clean scissors nearby as well. If your bacon is oddly shaped you may need to trim a bit of the fat off after you’ve rolled it up to make sure it lays nicely.


Step Two:

Grab some toothpicks. Insert them in the bottom of the roll, keeping them both as close to the bottom of the bacon as possible and close to each other. You can actually do this without toothpicks, but it’s a little safer with them, since sometimes the bacon comes unraveled.
This not only holds the bacon together, but it creates a little stand for it, so it doesn’t topple over during cooking.

Step Three:

Place those little beauties on a rack, sitting over a foil-lined baking sheet. Cooking them on a rack lets the bottoms cook as well so you don’t end up with mushy-bottomed flowers. Pop them in a 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes.

The outside should be crisped and browned, as per the next picture, however the inside won’t be crisp, but rest assured it will be cooked through.


Step Four (Optional):

After your little rosebuds come out of the oven, you may realise that they have shrunk a little bit. So, if you want a more of a heftier flower in there, just layer on another strip, cook a little longer and you will have – the Man Bacon Flower!

Quick Tip: I’d only add another layer of bacon, as per the above, to a few of the bacon flowers you have already made, as this will give the illusion of flowers at their various stages of bloom. It also adds a bit of contrast and realism to the ‘arrangement’.

Step Five:

Now that you have your glorious man bacon flowers, you really want to display it the best you can.

What you can do is head on over to a $2 thrift store and grab some discount silk flowers, just enough for all the flowerette’s you’ve painstakingly prepared.

Quick Tip: Maybe get these before you start cooking…. Oh and also, the one thing that can be really annoying is if you grab a batch of fake flowers that happen to be super-glued onto the stems, which some are. So just take a quick peek, and make sure you’re buying the kind that can be easily pulled apart.

If you’re struggling to find silk roses, why not head over to SPOTLIGHT in Preston, they have a few according to their online shop, they could just do the trick. (Note: We are not sure if these in particular are of the ‘glued’ variety or not, maybe give them a ring and ask before you buy them, if you are buying them online. We just wanted to get you pointed in the right direction as to where to get the fake flowers as we don’t supply fake flowers of any kind…)

Unfortunately, we don’t specialise in fake flowers, However, here’s what we managed to find doing a quick online search around our shop location:



Step Six:

Here you simply pull the red petals off. Some flowers have several parts in there that you might have to disassemble, but basically, you want this part left:

The green base and the thing sticking up in the middle of it is what we want. The bigger it is, the better, just so that your bacon is stable when you place it. Simply Pop those puppies right on there, as if they were meant to be.

The only thing left to do now is to firstly, watch him drool when presented with these luscious beauties, and then devour the beauty and majesty of these salty blooms, freshly picked from your kitchen. “If only bacon roses really grew in the ground…”

Guaranteed to make any grown man swoon. Or at least giggle like a ‘A Giggling Gertie’. Either way it’s a win-win for you!

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